Mercedes S500

 Latest Generation Mercedes S-Class S500 Review


  • Power

    This S-Class Mercedes Benz car is empowered with 4663cc V8 petrol engine power that delivers 700nm torque when paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • Innovative dash

    As far as the interiors are concerned, the dash is completely renovated. It now sports two 12-inch screens. One of the screens is for display of driver information replacing traditional meters. The second screen is meant for COMAND infotainment system including car settings and media playback. This infotainment system is DVD compatible and has about 10 GB built-in storage for media playback.
  • Surround Sound system

    For pure audio luxury, this car comes with a Burmester High-End 3D Surround-Sound system inclusive of 24 amplifier channels, 24 quality speakers and total system output of 1540 watts. This system packs a punch for sound requirements along with some visual features as well. When this system is switched on, the two tweeters at the front doors automatically take an optimal position to generate any one color ring (out of 7 available colors: morning white, dawn red, daylight white, twilight purple, late glow red, sunset orange and moonlight blue) upon activation of in-car ambient lighting.

  • Entertainment provision for rear seats

    Both the passengers on the rear seat get their own 10-inch display screens accompanied with wireless headphones and a COMAND remote control. Unique content can be played on each of these displays.

  • Seating arrangement

    Every passenger travelling in the Mercedes will have total control over their seat position. The front seat can be moved ahead completely to get significant leg spacing. It is also possible to extend the flexible footrest for better comfort.
  • Automatic car parking

    The PARKTRONIC feature of Mercedes Benz S500 helps to park the car automatically making use of the 4 cameras around the car. In this case, the driver of the car doesn't have to worry about the steering wheel or applying brakes while parking.
  • Intelligent Headlights

    The car comprises of an intelligent LED lighting system that adapts the headlights based on the driving condition or scenario. For heavy traffic scenarios, the headlight beam will automatically to throw at short distance. On the other hand, for open road scenario with no traffic, the headlight beam will automatically adjust to throw at long distance. Also, while taking turns, the beam lights will turn with the car to offer good visibility at curves and bends. Additional features include Adaptive Main Beam Assist Plus that completely blanks out (darkens) part of the light to avoid distracting vehicles coming from the opposite side. Another useful feature is the Night View Assist Plus that provides warning (on the display screen) to the car driver about any object, human being or animal that is at risk due to not being visible in extreme darkness.

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